Fresh Assist® is sprayed on toilet paper to clean your backside. It helps you Get Clean In Between™ and won’t clog plumbing or harm septic systems.

It’are wet wipes bads an affordable, eco-friendly, fragrant, cleansing, soothing product that’s sprayed on toilet paper to improve the backside cleaning process after going number two.

As an alternative to wet wipes and can be used with many brands of toilet paper. Just spray on toilet paper, wipe away and you’ll feel a whole lot cleaner and fresher than just using conventional toilet paper alone.

And you’ll be helping your toilets, plumbing, septic systems and your friendly city or county municipal water treatment plants by only flushing toilet paper instead of wet wipes which have been known to cause problems in homes and sewage plants.

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See How Fresh Assist® Helps You Get Clean in Between™