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The best alternative to wet wipes


You may have heard that Fresh Assist® is a great new product that you can use to Get Clean In Between™. The concept is simple, just spray on toilet paper and wipe your backside normally. Fresh Assist® essentially turns your toilet paper into a wipe!

If you have been using wet wipes or thinking about buying some for personal use, let’s take a quick look at a few of the differences between wet wipes and Fresh Assist®.

The cost of using wet wipes

In recent years, adults who like to stay fresh began using baby wipes to clean up after doing their business. The wipe companies noticed this trend and began introducing “personal” wipe products.

These products are very popular. But have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to get fresh? Here is a breakout of the cost per use of some popular wet wipe categories:

Brand Cost per Use
Generic wipes, 84 for $3.34 .04¢/1 wipe per use
Travel wipes, 42 for $3 .07¢/1 wipe pre use
Adult branded wipes 30 for $9 .30¢/1 wipe pre use
Fresh Assist® 2 oz. for $6.99 .06¢/3 sprays per use

As you can clearly see, using Fresh Assist® spray to get clean and fresh is a great value at only 06¢ per use compared to adult branded and travel wipes and very comparable to bulk generic wet wipes.

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Flushable wipes cause damage to water treatment systems, resulting in higher water bills for all.

But the savings may not end there. According to The Guardian, “Don’t believe the label ‘flushable’: disposable wipes clog sewers around the world”. Here is a great video showing the damage caused by personal wipes because they do not break down in water:

Even if your personal plumbing survives the wipes, the damage to the municipal water plant will end up costing everyone via higher water bills.

Since Fresh Assist® sprays right on toilet paper, it does not cause any harm to plumbing or water systems making it the eco-friendly choice.

Fresh Assist® was produced with portability in mind

But Fresh Assist® is not just a great value and eco-friendly. It comes in a 2 oz. bottle so it fits easily into your pocket, purse, briefcase or travel bag. You can discreetly take it with you on bathroom breaks while at the office or when you are away from home.

And, the 2 oz. bottle makes it FAA compliant so you can take it with you anywhere you go!

Fresh Assist® is made in the USA

Ever worry about putting something on your body that was not made in the USA? We do too. Fresh Assist® is proudly made and manufactured in the USA.

Our product was tested in an FDA lab and is processed in an FDA approved processing facility so you can trust that it meets required national standards.

We get that you want to stay clean and fresh, we do to. Consider switching to Fresh Assist® spray. It is the best value in the category, will not harm your plumbing or water treatment systems, is portable and discreet, and is processed in an FDA approved facility. Fresh Assist® is a new, safe and economical way to Get Clean In Between.

Get Fresh Today!

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