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Why we changed our prices

fresh assist


By now you may have heard about Fresh Assist®, the new way to Get Clean In Between™ after going number two. Just spray it on toilet paper, wipe and flush. It is cooling, soothing, portable and septic and plumbing safe. It won’t harm the municipal water treatment plants like the wet wipes are currently doing.

A New product category is tough

Fresh Assist® is a new product in a new product category and has been available for sale since mid December. Things have been going good, but since we are new to this process, we decided to get some expert advice. And who better to seek advice from than one of the nation’s leaders in consumer retail, Bed Bath & Beyond who operate over 1,000 stores in the US & Canada, selling a wide range of kitchen, bath health & beauty products.

When Bed Bath & Beyond talks you listen!

If Bed Bath & Beyond gives you a recommendation, you take it. They told us if we expect to get sales, we should lower our prices. We recently reduced our two-pack price to $12.99 and a single bottle to $6.99. You can purchase all our products on our website or on Amazon. We currently have two scents, Cooling Chamomile and Soothing Lavender. It comes in single, easy to carry 2 oz. bottles or a two-pack.

fresh assist

How about a $2 coupon?

In addition to the new lower price, for a limited time, you can get $2 off any two-pack by using Coupon code TWOFRESH on Amazon or right here on our website. If you have bought Fresh Assist® in the past, this is a great time to stock up at a new lower price. If you haven’t purchased Fresh Assist®, why not give it a try!

fresh assist