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The Best Toilet Paper Sprays

First let’s answer the question – what is a toilet paper spray? Essentially it’s a fine mist liquid, usually scented with some soothing elements that is sprayed on a wad of toilet paper to use in the bathroom to get clean after a bowel movement.

It’s Better than Wet Wipes

Several companies have created their own versions of toilet paper spray as an earth friendly option to ‘flushable’ wet wipes. We all know by now that so called ‘flushable’ wet wipes can be put into a toilet for flushing but they have a tendency to clog up toilets and definitely clog their ultimate destination either your home septic system or municipal water treatment plant. Here’s several reasons why toilet paper spray is a better option than wipes to get your butt clean:

  • Used with toilet paper – a product most already have in their home
  • Is completely flushable, doesn’t clog your toilet
  • Is completely soluble, doesn’t muck up septic systems
  • Much better for municipal water treatment plants – their machines have handled toilet paper for years.
  • Gets you just as clean as wet wipes
  • Soothing to the backside, does not cause skin irritation like many wipes do over a period of prolonged usage.
  • Price is neutral and can be less expensive than wet wipes
  • Never dries out like wet wipes do over a period of time
  • Portable, depending on spray bottle size

Toilet Paper Spray Companies

Here’s a list of the toilet paper spray companies currently for sale on Amazon (in no particular order):

  • Aquinelle
  • Fresh Wipe
  • Pristine Sprays
  • Fresh Assist
  • Tut Swvet
  • Etiquette
  • Mist N Wipe
  • Heinie Giene

The difference between the company product offerings are generally size of spray bottles, scent variety, and some ingredients.

At the end of the day the goal is to help people get cleaner than just using regular toilet paper with a product that is plumbing friendly, eco-friendly, and backside friendly! We’re all tired of seeing these types of images and the taxpayer dollars that go towards fixing the issues. Here’s what authorities in Baltimore, MD found in 2017.

Baltomore, MD Fatberg


Toilet paper + toilet paper spray = the best way to get your backside clean after going #2.