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We Stopped Selling Fresh Assist

As many of you know, about three years ago my brother Eric Deskin and I launched Fresh Assist, an eco-friendly spray that you use to moisten the TP to use after going #2. We positioned the brand as an earth-friendly alternative to so-called “flushable” pre-moistened wipes, which in fact end up clogging septic systems and wreaking well-documented and costly havoc on municipal waste and water treatment facilities. Some municipalities have gone so far as to ban these wipes.

While we’ve managed to build a loyal customer base through Amazon and our company website, we halted online sales at year-end as we determine the next phase.

In the meantime, it’s been an amazing ride, and we have learned a ton about product manufacturing, branding, marketing, selling on Amazon, video production and working with family. (Happy to report that Eric and I are still brothers).

Have a great 2019, and if you ordered your last batch of Fresh Assist® to Get Clean In Between™, we thank you from the bottom of our, well you know!


Howard & Eric Deskin