Product Reviews

The early Tushtimonials™ are in and they are wonderful! Here’s a sampling of them.

I just got my first bottle of Fresh Assist and it actually makes me excited to go to the bathroom! (LN)

LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!! I think I’ll be one of your best customers. (AF)

My daughter won’t go to the bathroom without it (KR)

I have to go Fresh Assist now (KD)

This new product you are launching sounds awesome! (SP)

What a great idea!!! (BD)

This looks like a “clean sweep”. Lol. (JJ)

I need more, I can’t go to the bathroom without it anymore! (AF)

It’s a Fresh Assist morning (HD)

I’m busy Fresh Assisting others, please hold on (mom helping her kid in the bathroom)

This is from a 7.5 yr old: A fan of Fresh Assist® now, he says it’s better than “feeling like a baby” with a baby wipe, and he wants to keep using it.

Excerpt From Jenny from at Life’s A Polyp:

Based on my experience with Fresh Assist Spray, I would highly recommend use of this spray for anyone. It is particularly useful for individual with GI issues that cause painful skin conditions from frequent bowel movements. The spray bottles come in a reasonably priced single or two pack and lasts a relatively long time even with 3 sprays a use.

Iowa Pharmacist: I love this product! It is very soothing and non-irritating, even on my grandchildren’s bums! It saves on your septic systems and allows you to carry a cleaning product with you in your purse. I actually transferred some into a small spray bottle so I can have it with me for the “unexpected” moments when my stomach decides it just can’t wait?! It is also great when traveling! I have been using this product for almost a year now and I will never be without out it. We have a motor coach and cannot put “wipes” down the toilets, so Fresh Assist is perfect for this. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!!


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