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Fresh Assist® on Elliot in the Morning

Elliot in the morning

Tuesday, January 12, was not a normal morning for Howard Deskin, the inventor of Fresh Assist®. By 6:30 am, his home and cell phone were ringing off the hook.

It all started the day before. Randy Hallman of the Richmond Times Dispatch had written an article about Fresh Assist®and it appeared in the Biz Buzz section of the paper on Monday, January 11. Tuesday, bright and early in the morning, DJ Elliot Segal, who has a morning radio show in DC(DC101) and Richmond(XL102) discovered the article and began to talk about this unique new product, Fresh Assist®. And that’s all it took!

Howard was finally able to get his call through to the show and here is the resulting interview:


benefits of Fresh Assist

Thanks to all the listeners who have continued to support Fresh Assist®!

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Hear Fresh Assist On Ask Dr. Nandi

Fresh Assist® founders Howard Deskin, CEO and Eric Deskin, VP, Business Development were interviewed on the Ask Dr. Nandi show, an Emmy award winning talk show focused on health and wellness.

They discuss why they started Fresh Assist® as an alternative to flushable wipes, product benefits, and how it is helping people Get Clean In BetweenTM.

Hear the interview below or read more about Fresh Assist®.

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Get Clean & Fresh in February!


February is a great month to try Fresh Assist® with our $1 coupon off any two pack of Soothing Lavender, Cooling Chamomile, or Combo Pack on Amazon. If you are currently a wet wipe user, why not give Fresh Assist a shot to help you Get Clean In Between™! It’s better for your backside, your toilet, your septic system and your municipal sewage treatment plant. Use code FRESHFEB for a $1 discount on Amazon.