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Fresh Assist® Spray – For All the Humans You Know

Heard the buzz about Fresh Assist® spray and want to know what it is all about?

Fresh Assist® is a soothing, non-irritating backside cleanser that helps you Get Clean in Between™ after going number two.

A few spritzes of Fresh Assist® spray transforms regular toilet paper into a soothing, non-irritating wipe that is also safe for septic systems and plumbing and makes a great gift for all the humans you know.

Read more about Fresh Assist® spray or buy online here or Amazon.

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Get $1 off for a limited time

fresh assist

Hey everyone, if you haven’t heard, Fresh Assist® is now available for sale on! (Search for Fresh Assist®). We are so excited we decided to offer an introductory promotion to help you Get Clean In BetweenTM.

From now until January 19, 2016, you can get $1 off any 2-pack. Currently, our 2-pack products include 2 Cooling Chamomile, 2 Soothing Lavender and the variety pack containing one of each. Use coupon code NN8T5Z7B at the Amazon checkout to get your discount. And we’d love your feedback on the product.