1. What are the ingredients?
    Fresh Assist® scents are comprised of a mix of ingredients including but not limited to water, essential oils, aloe, emulsifiers and preservatives. Some scents are individual oils, others may be a combination of oils.
  2. How do you use Fresh Assist®?
    Fresh Assist® is sprayed on conventional toilet paper. Yes it’s that simple, just a few spritzes to wet the toilet paper enough to get you cleaner. You can use it on your first wipe to enhance the cleaning process or go dry on the first wipe then use Fresh Assist® on subsequent wipes to Get Clean In Between™ (and all around). Just dispose of the toilet paper in the toilet like you have always done. Oh and it’s definitely flushable – it’s just toilet paper!
  3. What does it cost?
    Depending on whether it’s purchased online or in a retail store, and whether it’s sold individually or in packs of two or three, the price may fluctuate some. Expect it to be in the $7.99 -$8.99 range for a 2 oz. spray bottle. Two packs and three packs will be discounted within a 5% to 15% range off the price of individual bottles.
  4. How does it compare to other products?
    While we haven’t found a comparable product currently on the market, a logical comparison would be wet wipes sold by a variety of companies and marketed to the adults along with the large baby wipe market. Several of the toilet paper companies market their brand of wet wipes and larger retail chains market their own brands. Wet wipes generally cost around three to ten cents per wipe. You can buy them in bulk at the big warehouse stores or in smaller sizes at many drug, grocery, baby, and large retail stores. There have been several news stories on the problems wipes are causing to municipal sewer and water treatment plants. The wipes are not degrading consistently and creating damage to the equipment causing expensive repair work. In addition, despite the containers saying the wipes are flushable, they do get stuck in toilets creating the need for plunger work and in some cases calling in a professional plumber. We were heavy wipe users for a few years and found that over time they caused irritation to the backside due to the chemicals included in the wipes. However, millions of people use wipes and may not have experienced similar issues.
  5. How much do you get out of a 2 oz. bottle?
    On average you get about 400 sprays from a 2 oz. bottle. Figure that will get you through at least 30-40 days of consistent use if not more.
  6. What is the best solution for cleaning your backside?
    While humans have been using toilet paper for over 100 years, it’s been essentially unchanged other than getting softer, gained ridges and you can buy a gazillion rolls in the warehouse stores! We’ve dealt with this underperforming product for a long time as it’s tough to get fully clean with dry paper. That’s where Fresh Assist® comes in. We’re just giving a little assistance to the toilet paper by wetting it just enough with some great scents and soothing ingredients to improve the wipe process and get better cleaning results. When using Fresh Assist® you get cleaner than just using conventional toilet paper alone.
  7. What fragrances or scents are available?
    Currently two scents are available: Soothing Lavender and Cooling Chamomile. Refreshing Rosemary is currently being tested and will be available soon. We have big plans for more cool and creative scents including ones designed specifically for females, males, and kids.
  8. What are people saying about the product?
    So far people love it, even kids. What’s nice is you can keep a bottle or two in each bathroom in your house, and also have one in your office, work or travel bag and for moms & dads of young kids, keep one in the bag you take with you when you are out and about with your kids. Also good to keep one in the car just in case!
  9. Any problems with using the product?
    No problems to report other than when you’re in a strange bathroom visiting friends or in a restaurant and there’s no Fresh Assist® around to help! If you spray too much on the toilet paper, the paper can start to shred so you only need two or three spritzes to get the paper just wet enough to be effective.
  10. Where is the product produced?
    Fresh Assist® is manufactured in the USA in an FDA approved processing facility. Note, the product itself does not require FDA approval.
  11. How is the product tested?
    Fresh Assist® products are tested in an FDA approved lab and manufactured in an FDA approved facilitiy. However the product itself does not require FDA approval.

Soothing Lavender & Cool Chamomile fragrances will be available for sale soon! Contact us to place a pre-order or for more information.

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