Two Pack – 2 oz. Soothing Lavender Spray Bottles – $9.95




Just spray it on toilet paper! It’s an environmentally friendly, non-irritating, plumbing & septic safe spray that’s perfect for your home bathrooms and to keep in a pocket book or travel bag. Use it at home or on the road whenever you and your kids want to feel fresh and Get Clean In Between™.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do the best cleaning job possible after going number two. Just give your favorite toilet paper a few spritzes of Soothing Lavender, use your normal wipe process, repeat as necessary with a fresh batch of toilet paper of course and your backside, underwear (unless you go commando, then your pants), your toilet, septic system (if you have one) and your municipal sewer system will all be thankful. Why not use an environmentally friendly product that helps get you cleaner than using conventional toilet paper alone. Nothing like always feeling clean and fresh!

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Soothing Lavender Product Label
Soothing Lavender Product Label


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