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Why we changed our prices

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By now you may have heard about Fresh Assist®, the new way to Get Clean In Between™ after going number two. Just spray it on toilet paper, wipe and flush. It is cooling, soothing, portable and septic and plumbing safe. It won’t harm the municipal water treatment plants like the wet wipes are currently doing.

A New product category is tough

Fresh Assist® is a new product in a new product category and has been available for sale since mid December. Things have been going good, but since we are new to this process, we decided to get some expert advice. And who better to seek advice from than one of the nation’s leaders in consumer retail, Bed Bath & Beyond who operate over 1,000 stores in the US & Canada, selling a wide range of kitchen, bath health & beauty products.

When Bed Bath & Beyond talks you listen!

If Bed Bath & Beyond gives you a recommendation, you take it. They told us if we expect to get sales, we should lower our prices. We recently reduced our two-pack price to $12.99 and a single bottle to $6.99. You can purchase all our products on our website or on Amazon. We currently have two scents, Cooling Chamomile and Soothing Lavender. It comes in single, easy to carry 2 oz. bottles or a two-pack.

fresh assist

How about a $2 coupon?

In addition to the new lower price, for a limited time, you can get $2 off any two-pack by using Coupon code TWOFRESH on Amazon or right here on our website. If you have bought Fresh Assist® in the past, this is a great time to stock up at a new lower price. If you haven’t purchased Fresh Assist®, why not give it a try!

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The best alternative to wet wipes


You may have heard that Fresh Assist® is a great new product that you can use to Get Clean In Between™. The concept is simple, just spray on toilet paper and wipe your backside normally. Fresh Assist® essentially turns your toilet paper into a wipe!

If you have been using wet wipes or thinking about buying some for personal use, let’s take a quick look at a few of the differences between wet wipes and Fresh Assist®.

The cost of using wet wipes

In recent years, adults who like to stay fresh began using baby wipes to clean up after doing their business. The wipe companies noticed this trend and began introducing “personal” wipe products.

These products are very popular. But have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to get fresh? Here is a breakout of the cost per use of some popular wet wipe categories:

Brand Cost per Use
Generic wipes, 84 for $3.34 .04¢/1 wipe per use
Travel wipes, 42 for $3 .07¢/1 wipe pre use
Adult branded wipes 30 for $9 .30¢/1 wipe pre use
Fresh Assist® 2 oz. for $6.99 .06¢/3 sprays per use

As you can clearly see, using Fresh Assist® spray to get clean and fresh is a great value at only 06¢ per use compared to adult branded and travel wipes and very comparable to bulk generic wet wipes.

fresh assist

Flushable wipes cause damage to water treatment systems, resulting in higher water bills for all.

But the savings may not end there. According to The Guardian, “Don’t believe the label ‘flushable’: disposable wipes clog sewers around the world”. Here is a great video showing the damage caused by personal wipes because they do not break down in water:

Even if your personal plumbing survives the wipes, the damage to the municipal water plant will end up costing everyone via higher water bills.

Since Fresh Assist® sprays right on toilet paper, it does not cause any harm to plumbing or water systems making it the eco-friendly choice.

Fresh Assist® was produced with portability in mind

But Fresh Assist® is not just a great value and eco-friendly. It comes in a 2 oz. bottle so it fits easily into your pocket, purse, briefcase or travel bag. You can discreetly take it with you on bathroom breaks while at the office or when you are away from home.

And, the 2 oz. bottle makes it FAA compliant so you can take it with you anywhere you go!

Fresh Assist® is made in the USA

Ever worry about putting something on your body that was not made in the USA? We do too. Fresh Assist® is proudly made and manufactured in the USA.

Our product was tested in an FDA lab and is processed in an FDA approved processing facility so you can trust that it meets required national standards.

We get that you want to stay clean and fresh, we do to. Consider switching to Fresh Assist® spray. It is the best value in the category, will not harm your plumbing or water treatment systems, is portable and discreet, and is processed in an FDA approved facility. Fresh Assist® is a new, safe and economical way to Get Clean In Between.

Get Fresh Today!

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Why I Started Fresh Assist®

We are getting great response to Fresh Assist® from those of you who have been so gracious to try our samples. But many are asking the same question, “What gave you the idea to create this product?”

Besides coming up with lots of crazy ideas, I was frustrated with the current products on the market used to clean your butt after a bowel movement.

Personal wipes are not environmentally friendly

My family started using baby wipes and personal wipes a few years ago. Wipes may flush, but they don’t break down in water and can cause serious damage to your plumbing or septic system. I recall having to uncouple my kids’ bathroom toilet from the floor more than once, take it outside and run a hose through it to flush out a stuck wet wipe or two. Instead of flushing, you can leave them in the trash, but that becomes unsightly as well as smelling up your bathroom!

I also noticed my backside was becoming irritated (not from being repeatedly kicked!) from using the wipes. Basically my skin became dry and sometimes there was blood. Now that’s scary because once you see blood in your stool you think your life is going to get a whole lot worse. Luckily after a visit to my friendly Colon & Rectal physician he verified it was just very dry skin and suggested I buy Balneol®, a hygienic cleansing lotion for your backside or a ladies lower front side (you know what I mean) that’s been around for years. It’s kind of expensive and it’s more of a liquid cream and not something you’d carry around with you. It is soothing when you use it.

So I was on a mission to create something better than wet wipes that was convenient, easy to use, portable, and helped keep your backside clean. It could not be harsh on my skin and I did not want it to smell like a household cleanser.

Only recently the stories came out about how the wet wipes are damaging the municipal sewer systems because they don’t disintegrate. That was the icing on the butt so to speak.

Product Testing was a huge success

I spent three years working on various concoctions, testing them on myself (some were more painful than others and I did have to visit the Colon doc again). I was about to give up a year ago, then the light bulb went off on a new formula and the beginnings of Fresh Assist® kicked in. My wife and I personally tested formulas until we got it just right. She even used it in her colonoscopy prep making the entire experience almost pleasant!

Friends and family who knew about our “experiment” asked for samples. Yes we gave them out as stocking stuffers last Christmas! The response was overwhelming. Everyone loved the product and the concept. We knew we were on to something.

After getting the formula working effectively, we needed to name the product. This may have been the most difficult part, but we landed on Fresh Assist® because it keeps your a#$ fresh! We hooked up with a very large product development company and they loved the idea and are producing it for us in one of their FDA approved processing facilities.

To be sure our butts weren’t lying, we also had the product tested in an FDA approved testing facility by 50 human subjects for any skin irritation. I’m pleased to report the product passed all tests and on a scale of 0-10 for skin irritation all tests scored a zero!

Fresh Assist® is a truly unique product

Fresh Assist® is unique because it’s a cleansing, soothing, non-irritating and proprietary product that you simply spray on toilet paper to improve the backside cleaning process and Get Clean in BetweenTM. It essentially turns your toilet paper into a wipe that can be safely flushed away. And that makes it clean for the environment too as it won’t cause damage to plumbing and septic systems and does not clog municipal sewage plants.

Fresh Assist will be available for sale online and in stores starting in December 2015. It comes in a 2 oz. bottle so it is easy to carry with you wherever you go and if you get it in time, a great stocking stuffer! Initially, it will come in Cooling Chamomile and Soothing Lavender scents, but we are back in the lab testing Refreshing Rosemary and a few other fantastic fragrances. Soon everyone can look forward to using Fresh Assist® to Get Clean in BetweenTM.

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Potty Training’s New Assistant

potty training tips
Fresh Assist™ makes toilet training fun!

As parents there is one task we look forward to, but also dread at the same time – potty training our children. My personal experience in potty training kids ranks right up there with root canals and cleaning up after our new puppy.

After the excitement of the first pee-pee in the potty wore off, potty training seems to go on and on, with lots of accidents and inconvenient times someone had to go “right now” during long car trips or while in line at Kroger. And how many times have you been in the middle of making dinner only to hear “Mommy – can you wipe my bottom?”

It doesn’t matter when you start the training or whether you are training boys or girls.  A big challenge we all face is getting our child actually wipe their bottom – and do a good job.  After all, you want your child to be clean, but also not ruin the fun new underwear you just bought with a dreaded skid marks!

These are a few reasons we developed Fresh Assist®.  It helps kids and adults get clean in between and is super easy to use.  Just spray 2 -3 spritzes on toilet paper and wipe like you always do!  Fresh Assist® turns regular toilet paper into a wipe, making it really easy for kids to get themselves clean.  It is 100% safe, non-irritating, portable and better for your septic system than wet wipes.

The Wet Wipe Alternative

We know kids, and parents, like to use so called flushable wet wipes.  But research has proven these wipes aren’t actually flushable and do more harm than good. In fact, many localities are banning these wipes and there is legislation in place to force manufactures to accurately label wipes as not flushable.  If you read the fine print many already say you shouldn’t flush them – even though they are marketed as flushable wipes!

With Fresh Assist® you get the same cleaning power of a wipe without risking a clogged toilet or harm to the environment. Simply spray directly on toilet paper and wipe!  We’ve tested it on our own kids, and dozens of trials, and found kids love spraying it on toilet paper and also like the way it smells.  Moms liked it too and really appreciate saving money on clogged pipes and the added bonus of no more skid marks on the underwear!

Try the alternative to wet wipes and you can feel good about and add Fresh Assist® to your training routine. It makes it fun for kids but also works – so you get better results.

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What is Fresh Assist®?

fresh assist

You know what it feels like, you have that uncomfortable feeling because you just couldn’t quite get yourself clean. We’ve all experienced it, maybe you couldn’t layoff that rich dessert or your medications are upsetting your stomach. Whatever the reason, you struggle to get that clean and fresh feeling.

Get Clean In Between

Now there’s an easy solution. Fresh Assist® is a new product that allows you to Get Clean In Between™, anytime, anywhere. Just spray it on toilet paper and wipe!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do the best cleaning job possible after a bowel movement (also called number 2). Just give your favorite toilet paper a few spritzes of Soothing Lavender or Cooling Chamomile, use your normal wipe process, repeat as necessary with a fresh batch of toilet paper and take care of your backside!

Your underwear (unless you go commando, then your pants), your toilet, septic system (if you have one) and your municipal sewer system will all be thankful.

Fresh Assist® is Plumbing and Septic Safe

Why not use an environmentally friendly product that helps get you at least 50% cleaner than using conventional toilet paper alone. Makes sense, right? There is nothing like always feeling clean and fresh!

Fresh Assist is friendly to the environment because it does not clog plumbing, or septic systems. Check out the damage caused by personal wipes, what a mess, stop doing that!

Use Fresh Assist® Wherever You Are

Fresh Assist® is perfect for your home bathrooms and to keep in a pocket book or travel bag. Use it at home or on the road whenever you and your kids want to feel fresh and Get Clean In Between™.

Fresh Assist® will initially be available in Soothing Lavender or Cooling Chamomile. You can get single bottles, a two pack or a variety two pack. Fresh Assist® will be available this fall but you can preorder on our website now if you want to be one of the first with a fresh and clean tush!

In the meantime, we invite you to Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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